Almost Maine

by John Cariani

 Michigan Technological University, 2012
Lighting Designer/Carpenter - Zachary Olsen
Technical Director – Kalen Larson
Director – Roger Held
Set Designer – Sarah Kirchner
Costume Designer – Elizabeth LaRouche
Sound Design/Composition – Alex Palma & Matt Willett

Design Statement

Lighting Design Objectives:
In this town, like in any group of people, physical and emotional relationships are always dynamic, always changing. These stories are no exception. Here, the unique location adds a sense of intimacy to each situation. The phrase that I think of when I read the script is “winter is silence” where the snow seems to silence the world. From my own experiences this muffled world allows for enhanced feelings and comfort between people. In this show it allows for each event, while occurring during the same, repeated, period of time, to feel to the characters and the audience, like they are the only people around. They must have a sense of being alone, all while being both presented in close proximity to other islands onstage and in the scene itself. All parts are connected, but each one seems isolated, allowing for the audience to connect to the emotional changes taking place on stage.

The light must maintain connectivity between the individual islands. The same cycle of time is  repeated at each location, all of which are relatively close in proximity; because of this the natural light and conditions should be similar. The lighting will also be used to communicate the buildings which are imagined to be on sight at each location. In the interactions of the characters, the feeling which the light is communicating will change based on the dynamic relationships shown in each scene. The changes will occur at landmark points in these interactions helping to reveal the magic taking place onstage. The various auroras will define transitions and help to show the repeated structure of time in the play.
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